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This event is being held at Teretonga Park in Invercargill on Saturday April 6th and Sunday April 7th 2024 (‘Event’).

You will need to be present at the Event by 07:00am for either day you are participating in.

Competitor entry, vehicle registration, staging and safety check will all happen between 07:00am – 09:00am, Saturday and Sunday.



Your entry fee only gets you and your vehicle into the event. Any passengers who arrive with you will need to pay the standard entry fee.


Conditions of Car Show Entry;

All vehicles must be in a clean tidy and presentable condition. We reserve the right to refuse vehicle entry if it is not in a clean tidy and presentable condition. You are not permitted to start your engine or leave the event until the event is finished (during the show & shine unless asked by Event crew or in case of emergency). You must not leave any keys in your vehicle, if you'd like the interior judged you must leave it unlocked. Entrants must follow any instruction issued by Event crew. Failure to comply with any instructions or entry conditions will result in you being dismissed from the Event with no refund.

Faded Media and Events reserves the right to refuse entry. Faded Media & Events have the right to deny entry to any vehicle or person/s if they fail to comply to the conditions of entry. Security will be present and police are notified of the Event. Faded Media & Events crew, Officials and Security Team reserve the right to disqualify or sanction any person who behaves in an irresponsible or uncooperative manner. Entrants are not permitted to conduct any business activity including buying, selling, displaying or distributing any promotional materials such as business cards, brochures, banners, or any company/promotional signs. (If you would like to conduct business at the event please ask about our Trade Stands). Faded Media & Events will not be held liable for any damage, theft or loss to vehicles or persons property resulting directly or indirectly from the attendance of the Event. Faded Media & Events reserve the right to add or delete trophy categories or alter judging to suit each category as they see fit. A full list of categories will be sent to each entrant in the show prior to the event.

Conditions of Track Day Entry;

All drivers involved in the Track day Sunday April 7th 2024 must hold a valid Full New Zealand Drivers licence or have a Motorsport New Zealand Licence. Warrant and Registration is not required but it is preferred. If your vehicle has no current warrant and registration, it must be transported to and from the Event on a trailer.

Your vehicle must pass the safety check to be allowed on track. There are no exceptions or refunds if your vehicle fails to meet the criteria. The scrutineers decision is final. The driver is responsible for taking the vehicle and New Zealand Drivers licence or Motorsport New Zealand Licence to the safety check area within the allocated time. If your vehicle has a MSNZ logbook, please make sure this is with the vehicle. It is the Entrants responsibility to ensure the vehicle is properly prepared for the Event. Please refer to the Safety Check List on the Safety Information page for more details.

It is preferred that vehicles attending the Track day Sunday April 7th 2024 are to have at a minimum of third party insurance with added motorsport insurance. You will be held personally responsible for all costs, claims and any damages or injuries associated with you, your vehicle or your passengers in the event of an incident or accident on or off track. Faded Media & Events, Teretonga Park Raceway, Event Advertisers and Promoters accept no responsibility for any damage, theft, harm or loss.

The Event will not be postponed or cancelled due to weather, we will adapt the track schedule to ensure you still get to participate and can enjoy the Event. If there is an unforeseen situation such as an accident, Faded Media & Events reserves the right to suspend or postpone the Event in accordance with best safety practices.

All drivers and passengers are required to wear the appropriate safety equipment while involved in on track activities. Please refer to the Safety Equipment Requirements on the Safety Information page for more details.

Faded Media & Events has zero tolerance for alcohol at the Event. Random breath tests may take place over the weekend. Any driver with a blood alcohol reading of higher than 0.00mg/ml will have their driver band removed, there are no exceptions or refunds.

All drivers and passengers must maintain the correct wristbands at all times. These are waterproof and should not be removed for the duration of the Event. If a person’s wristband has been tampered with, they will be removed from the Event, or requested to purchase another one. If a wristband is removed due to behaviour at the Event, no refund will be provided and the person is excluded from purchasing another one.

Vehicle entry cannot and must not be transferred or resold. Owners are welcome to bring a different vehicle through registration if their original vehicle is unable to make it, however, the Drivers Licence must match the online entry form, to be eligible for the drivers’ wristband. Competitors are not allowed to swap or transfer competitor stickers to other vehicles. Any person involved in such an activity, will be excluded from the Event. There will be no refunds and no exceptions. This behaviour may also result in a ban from future Faded Media & Events Limited events. Random vehicle checks will occur throughout the Event, these checks will include but are not limited to checking individual vehicle information against the registered information for the competitor number.

Passengers must sign an indemnity form and pay for their passenger wristband before entering a vehicle. If the passenger(s) in your vehicle have not done this prior to vehicle staging, the Driver may not enter the track. It is the drivers responsibility also to ensure all passengers have the correct wristbands prior to entering their vehicle.

There is only one driver’s wristband given per vehicle entered. Additional drivers will need to pay the full drivers entry price to be able to drive the vehicle as a second driver. If you would like to enter two vehicles, you will need to register both cars separately.

The facilities at the venue shall only be used for their designated purposes and all rubbish and waste is to be disposed of in appropriate receptacles. All entrants must clean up any disposal of mechanical fluids. If you are found to have been the cause of damage to any property (Walls, Barriers, Fences, Signage and Equipment) you will be billed for the cost of repairs and clearing/cleaning. This must be paid for before you leave unless an agreement is made. Drivers are responsible for their actions on and off the track. Police may be involved if required.

All entrants must behave in a respectful and civil manner, failure to do so will result in your wristbands being removed and excluded from the Event. There are no exceptions or refunds.

If an individual drives or attempts to drive a vehicle on the track without the correct wristband, correct vehicle documentation or passing the safety check, the vehicle owner will lose their track access for the Event, stickers will be removed and no refund will be given. Vehicle owners are responsible for the vehicle and passengers actions/behaviours.

Faded Media & Events reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions as they see fit. If these terms and conditions are amended at any time. Faded Media & Events will notify all and any competitors who have completed an entry form and agreed to the terms and conditions above. Notification of any amendments will be done so in a timely manner no later than 24 hours after an amendment. Notification of amendment will be sent to the nominated email address provided in the entry form. Faded Media & Events will also notify the public in a post via their social media channels.


If you need to cancel or withdraw your entry because you cannot attend the Event and you'd like a refund, reply to your entry confirmation email and include your account details for us to process your refund. Please note the below conditions:

Cancellations made upto 14 days prior to the Event start date will result in a $30 admin fee and your entry will be refunded.

Cancellations made between 14 and 7 days before the Event start date will result in a $30 admin fee and your entry will be transferred to the following years Event.

Cancellations made 7 days before the show will result in a $100 admin fee and the remaining funds will be transferred to the following years Event.

If you don’t attend the event you will forfeit your entry. No refunds or transfers will be made.

There are no refunds or transfers for any person who fails to arrive at the scheduled time - if you do not turn up to registration, or miss registration hours then your entry will be forfeit or any issues beyond Faded Media & Events control such weather or if your vehicle incurs a mechanical breakdown at the Event.


As a condition of entry of the Event, you and/or as an accompanying adult that is a parent or guardian for a child, consent and grant to Faded Media & Events and its media personal exclusive rights to photograph, record or film. This release gives Faded Media & Events the ability to use any images or videos in printed/online publications.